Psychedelic Mushrooms from Outter Space!

Post compiled by Andrew Rutajit


From Popular Science:


Mysterious red cells might be aliens
By Jebediah Reed – Popular Science

As bizarre as it may seem, the sample jars brimming with cloudy, reddish rainwater in Godfrey Louis’s laboratory in southern India may hold, well, aliens.

In April, Louis, a solid-state physicist at Mahatma Gandhi University, published a paper in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Astrophysics and Space Science in which he hypothesizes that the samples — water taken from the mysterious blood-colored showers that fell sporadically across Louis’s home state of Kerala in the summer of 2001 — contain microbes from outer space.

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“Stranger still, dozens of his experiments suggest that the particles may lack DNA yet still reproduce plentifully, even in water superheated to nearly 600 degrees Fahrenheit . (The known upper limit for life in water is about 250 degrees Fahrenheit .)”

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From High Times:

High Times: From your writings I have gleaned that you subscribe to the notion that psilocybin mushrooms are a species of high intelligence — that they arrived on this planet as spores that migrated through outer space, and are attempting to establish a symbiotic relationship with human beings. In a more holistic perspective, how do you see this notion fitting into the context of Francis Crick’s theory of directed panspermia, the hypothesis that all life on this planet and its directed evolution has been seeded, or perhaps fertilized, by spores designed by a higher intelligence?

Terence McKenna: As I understand the Crick theory of panspermia, it’s a theory of how life spread through the universe. What I was suggesting — and I don’t believe it as strongly as you imply — is that intelligence, not life, but intelligence may have come here in this spore-bearing life form. This is a more radical version of the panspermia theory of Crick and Ponampurama. In fact I think that theory will probably be vindicated. I think in a hundred years if people do biology they will think it quite silly that people once thought that spores could not be blown from one star system to another by cosmic radiation pressure. As far as the role of the psilocybin mushroom, or its relationship to us and to intelligence, this is something that we need to consider. It really isn’t important that I claim that it’s an extraterrestrial, what we need is a body of people claiming this, or a body of people denying it, because what we’re talking about is the experience of the mushroom. Few people are in a position to judge its extraterrestrial potential, because few people in the orthodox sciences have ever experienced the full spectrum of psychedelic effects that are unleashed. One cannot find out whether or not there’s an extraterrestrial intelligence inside the mushroom unless one is willing to take the mushroom.

High Times:
You have a unique theory about the role that psilocybin mushrooms play in the process of human evolution. Can you tell us about this?

Terence McKenna:
Whether the mushrooms came from outer space or not, the presence of psychedelic substances in the diet of early human beings created a number of changes in our evolutionary situation. When a person takes small amounts of psilocybin visual acuity improves. They can actually see slightly better, and this means that animals allowing psilocybin into their food chain would have increased hunting success, which means increased food supply, which means increased reproductive success, which is the name of the game in evolution. It is the organism that manages to propagate itself numerically that is successful. The presence of psilocybin in the diet of early pack- hunting primates caused the individuals that were ingesting the psilocybin to have increased visual acuity. At slightly higher doses of psilocybin there is sexual arousal, erection, and everything that goes under the term arousal of the central nervous system. Again, a factor which would increase reproductive success is reinforced.

High Times:
Isn’t it true that psilocybin inhibits orgasm?

Terence McKenna: Not at the doses I’m talking about…

From Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness

by Terence McKenna

What the mushroom says about itself is this: that it is an extraterrestrial organism, that spores can survive the conditions of interstellar space. They are deep, deep purple – the color that they would have to be to absorb the deep ultraviolet end of the spectrum. The casing of a spore is one of the hardest organic substances known. The electron density approaches that of a metal.

Is it possible that these mushrooms never evolved on earth? That is what the Stropharia cubensis itself suggests. Global currents may form on the outside of the spore. The spores are very light and by Brownian motion are capable of percolation to the edge if the planet’s atmosphere. Then, through interaction with energetic particles, some small number could actually escape into space. Understand that this is an evolutionary strategy where only one in many billions of spores actually makes the transition between the stars – a biological strategy for radiating throughout the galaxy without a technology.

DMT sits at the root of all of this and a postscript to this theory is that DMT is the chemical link to the fabric of reality. I suggest this further in an article I wrote last fall titled DMT – Nature’s Quest for Consciousness – – Terence McKenna once suggested that if we are going to spend so much time, money, and effort searching the stars for “alien intelligence,” it would be wise to search all plant and fungus life on the earth as well. We expect (I guess because of the media) alien communication to  occur by the same means as human communication…via some sort of verbal or even telepathic communication. Could it be possible that somehow, data has been encoded into these mushrooms (and other psychoactive plants)? Could ingesting these mushrooms be the only method to retrieve this data? Consider ants and their pheromone trails. Talk about trippy! Ants can encode information into a scent. Think about that for a second…ants use their sense of smell to communicate and to determine where to go and what to do. Could mushrooms, and other psychoactives be some sort of interspecies pheromones that contain information from somewhere in the cosmos and/or Mother Earth herself?

Amanita mushrooms contain unique substances that are not found anywhere else in nature (see Pharmacotheon, by Ott, pg. 326–328.). Several people reported an alien abduction experience during Dr. Strassman’s DMT studies. Many people who consume psychoactive plants and mushrooms report the presence of spirits.  Many cultures have refered to them as watchers” or “the ancestors.”

Here is another something of interest that Terence McKenna once said regarding this topic:

“I’ve mentioned that psilocin, which is what psilocybin quickly becomes as it enters your metabolism, is 4 hydroxy dimethyltryptamine. It is the only 4-substituted indole in all of organic nature. Let this rattle around in your mind for a moment. It is the only 4-substituted indole known to exist on earth. It happens to be this psychedelic substance that occurs in about eighty species of fungi, most of which are native to the New World. Psilocybin has a unique chemical signature that says, “I am artificial; I come from outside.” I was suggesting that it was a gene – an artificial gene – carried perhaps by a spaceborne virus or something brought artificially to this planet, and that this gene has insinuated itself into the genome of these mushrooms.”

~ Terence McKenna

I couldn’t figure out whether the mushroom is the alien or the mushroom is some kind of technological artifact allowing me to hear the alien when the alien is actually light-years aways, using some kind of Bell nonlocality principle to communicate. The mushroom states its own position very clearly. It says, “I require the nervous system of a mammal. Do you have one handy?”

~ Terence McKenna



11 Responses to Psychedelic Mushrooms from Outter Space!

  1. annaq says:

    2 days after a 5 gram mushroom trip i was visited in the dream state by an octopus type alien calling itself the “motherspore”. it claimed to be the oversoul of the mushroom.

  2. kidsmoke says:

    that is a very interesting theory and i have thought the same myself at an earlier time. but what you must keep in mind is the exsistance of spirits and aliens have been pounded into our subconcious in a constant debate over the matter of their exsistance. so when you injest a psycoactive, matter in your subconcious is brought forward and projected. i am not rejecting this theory in the slightest, but i beleive the only real test is to give a psycadelic substance: mushrooms/lsd/dmt/peyote to human being capable of communication than has never been exposed to the idea of the exsistance of a spirit world or alien life. if durring the durration of his or her experience, they receive information or communication with an undocumented form of life, the plausability of this theory will be much more evident.

  3. Jack says:

    Wow, I’ve never considered that before. I should probably invest a little more time into reading Terrance McKenna & his theories, they seem really interesting to say the least.

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  5. donovan says:

    I tripped pretty hard once on mushrooms and saw visions of what I call the “Insect King” looking at me kind of angry like i was somewhere i wasn’t supposed to be. Also the sky was a grid of geometric lines

  6. Rogue dude says:

    This is amazing actually, I have had at least three separate experiences like described above after ingesting about 1/2 oz of mushies, any less any I don’t have the connection, the first time it happened I was looking through the eyes/mind/body of another being, not sure if human or not, they were having a meeting in a circle, one of them noticed me and reached for me and I pulled myself out of it as the hand almost grabbed me, it was life altering for me, I am very experienced and knew this was definitely NOT a hallucination, this was further backed up the next time I took that much and I was connected with a definite being inside an airlock/ moon base type looking building and felt like I was not in our solar system, I pulled myself out of it when I felt like I had to do something I didn’t want to do, I saw a person in a life suit laying down apparently deceased and I felt as if I was being asked to dispose of the body, or at least the entity I was connected with, it was as real as I sit here in my room now, very vivid,

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  8. william says:

    I HAD THIS EXPERIANCE where i smoked weed and looked into the clouds. When i stared kinda like a zone out type stare, i seen the clouds move like a movie projection on a flatscreen, it was that vivid. I seen a being with a heart shaped head sleeping in bed and was straight up cool.

  9. John Fitzgerald Kennedy lV says:

    I definitely believe this is the case, my view is more extreme though. I think sasquatch, aliens, spirits, mythical creatures, and psychadelics are all connected. My ultimate theory combines the stoned ape theory, the ancient alien theory, and Lloyd pyes theory.

    I think that apes were always just apes. But I think that maybe aliens back then, didn’t have the tech, or maybe just didn’t want to take the time, to find a place in the mostly barren physical universe with life. I think that magic mushrooms were what made these aliens who they are but I think they sent psilocybin spores out in all directions to find life, and when that life takes them, it connects them to the aliens through the spirit realm, if you want to call it that. I think that the apes were here without aliens, but they ate the mushrooms, and then for however long, that was the stoned ape theory. They slowly became what we call today as sasquatch, living cave men. Not apes. But I think once they got to that point, that’s when genetic manipulation by thealiens began. The shrooms acted like a space probe, and signaled the aliens. I think that whoever the aliens are, they must have started out more like a socialist utopia than us, because I think they advanced so far so quick, because their society immediately accepted the psychedelic experience as something real, enhances creativity, makes us knowlegable to the entirety of everything, and can send us to spiritual enlightenment. To me, there are 5 ways a society must excell, physically, mentally, emotionally, technologically, and spiritually. They excelled in all ways. I think that we have decreased in all ways except technologically. Physically, we’re getting weaker and more unhealthy because we’ve aloud profit to dictate the quality of our food and water, mentally, we’re becoming dumber, it’s are getting lower, education is a joke, and this gives the powers that be a better chance to stay in power, because people are becoming more and more willfully ignorant to what they’re doing. Emotionally, well, some are too sensitive, others too cold. Either way things like antidepressants cause emotions to snap, and then you have a mass shooting. News corps don’t talk about it because they are sponsored by pharmacies. Spiritually, we have been deceived, either by people telling us it doesn’t exist (those people haven’t done psychadelics) or the religions that want to control a fake spirituality. They resort to calling psychadelics “satanic deceptions” lol, sounds like THAT is the satanic deception, zionist shills like Alex Jones spread fake conspiracies like that.occultists who use psychadelics with the intent to contact negative entities will receive them,they are fools for that, it’s that simple. In the end (if “end” is something that even matters) positive energy will always out weigh negative.

    I’ve done 3 different psychadelics in my life sofar. I did peyote with Indian shamans in the desert of new Mexico at night, before hand, I ate a pot brownie, and we smoked weed through a piece pipe. I only had minor visions, vibrant colors, morphing landscape, and cartoony animal beings when I closed my eyes, there was also a purplish haze everywhere. But I heard voices, and had an extremely good feeling that I was connected to the spirit of the Earth and with everything on it. I reached that point while listening to Jim Morrisons “ghost song” an amazing song to listen to while stoned, or tripping (I like to say visiting the other dimensions) I’ve takin dmt/ayahuasca with a shaman, and I had my ego destroyed in front of me, I also had an awesome experience on a medium dose of mushrooms (3 grams) I was listening to pink floyd dark side of the moon album, and also Jim morrison again, medium doses don’t give you kolida scope images normally, that’s the heroic doses 5-8 grams or above. But I astral projected because of it. I was sitting in my room and I vibrated out of this body. I could do anything I wanted. I went to the beaches of the coasts at night with the moon sitting over it, the forests on the east coast, as well as the pacific Northwest, and eventually through space. Seing stars, planets, black holes, and all other things of space. While listening to pink floyd, and eventually the ghost song, I could see and taste the colors of light and the sound coming from the music in all colors of the rainbow. Colors taste sweet.
    My experience with lsd is limited. I have never taken a super high dose. I think lsd is more of a party psychedelic like the visionary version of mdma. Things melt, distort, morph shape, and I saw a few kolida scope scenes. A good body and mind high like indica or saliva strains of weed. And I just don’t believe in taking high doses of chemical psychs over natural ones. Although it is still harmless and a good entertainment (lol, I even saw living garden gnomes in the woods once, running around, it was funny, I also saw something similar while doing the ganzfeld effect)

    Think about the mushroom /alien thing though. I’ve Hurd people bring up the fact that mushrooms are fungus, and therefore the lowest life form,so why would advanced aliens put fungus here instead of plants or something higher, well it’s exactly why psilocybin is In mushrooms. Fungus is actually at the top, because the point of a fungus is to adapt to any environment. That’s why it can connect life anywhere, because it can survive just about anywhere. That’s why psilocybin went into mushrooms, (or maybe the aliens synthesized dmt, changed its 4 molecule to fit into mushrooms in an orally active way, so that it’s easier to get, because apes surely didn’t know how to chemically synthesize dmt out of plants for christ sake! Lol.

    Read: soul snatchers:a quest for true human beings, inner paths to outer space, and the sacred mushroom and the cross, along with personal experimentation (with psychadelics, that’s not a book name) because that is what it took for me to realize this. Marijuana is illegal because the corporate health care industry can’t profit from it, (it might be a gateway to legalizing psychadelics, which is the powers that be’s worst nightmare) because psychadelics make you not care about petty materialism, or wars, just love, laughter, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and truth. Bigfoot is covered up, aliens, and also the real reason behind the illegality of exploring our consciousness.

  10. Mo says:

    Carl Sagan said that “dust” is dead cells. Dirt and other debris that is like dust is called “dusty”. Sagan said that outer space was filled with “space dust”, an estimated 1/3 of which is dead bacteria. Virusi survive INSIDE bacteria, which eat methane comets and amino acids free-floating in space created by suns. The bacteria leave behind an algae-like matte as they turn the comets into loose snowballs of carbon and water. The matte is called “Tholins” and is probably the source of our petrochemicals. In other words, bacteria is everywhere in space, and they create an environment which serves as a foundation for mushrooms which need other living organisms to survive. Fungi tend to respire oxygen and expire Carbon Dioxide, which is why there are probably lot of planets out there without any animals but are covered in plants and mushies living in a symbiotic relationship.

    This isn’t a new theory at all.

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