(VIDEO) – Disney Cartoon mentions McKenna, DMT, LSD and more

This video was removed…we all saw that coming I think.

Start it at 6:50

Disney-Marvel (Ep. 2) Iron Man – Extremis


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(VIDEO) – Bill Richards On Hallucinations

Bill Richards discusses why the term “hallucinogen” is a misnomer.

From the film “The Medicine – Medical Research on Psychedelics.”

(VIDEO) – Terminal Ovarian Cancer – Psilocybin Therapy

Psilocybe mexicana - Jalisco, Mexico

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Ann is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. She is given a dose of psilocybin to curb her severe anxiety about death. Just one treatment at this Harbor-UCLA medical study was all she needed. She no longer fears the death process – Watch as this treatment quells anxiety and knocks down barriers in Ann’s personal relationships with her family.

From the film “The Medicine – Medical Research on Psychedelics.”

NOTE – We are all dying. This “treatment” should be available to everyone.

(VIDEO) – Large Amanita muscaria

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