This website began as a small project started by Andrew Rutajit in 1997. Today, bluehoney.org welcomes hundreds and often thousands of daily visitors. This site has grown only because you have shown an interest in it and it will continue to grow for as long as there is demand for it. In other words, we have recently signed a 10-year agreement with our web hosts – bluehoney.org is here to stay.

Andrew Rutajit is the coauthor of, AstroTheology & Shamanism and The Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD with Jan Irvin. The film, Manifesting the Mind – Footprints of the Shaman was a one-man project – produced, shot, edited, and directed by Andrew. Andrew’s research was used as a source for the original Zeitgeist film. A new version of Andrew’s solo book project, The Vestibule will soon be available with an intro by Peter Gandy. Stay tuned to this website for news and updates regarding his new book and film (both scheduled for release in 2011).

Some reviews of Andrew’s work:

Linking Christianity to its nature-based, shamanic roots, this wide-ranging, lavishly illustrated, and exhaustively referenced book establishes a new benchmark for scholarly (and controversial) views in the field.

Rick Strassman MD
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Author, DMT – The Spirit Molecule

We live in a world of paired opposites—all things in the field of time come in twos. This offers comfort and predictability by allowing neat compartments for diverse things, but also leads to elaborately complex symbols and belief systems over time. Christianity, as with Hinduism, has been conceptualized as a tree growing up from a solid platform, but what you don’t see are the roots and fruits, the mystery that helped spawn these traditions. The mystery is, however, revealed in various art forms often hidden away or obscured in some clever fashion. All these traditions—Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley—have their origins in shamanic experiences with mind-altering substances. This was not recreational; this was serious business. Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit have captured this tone and perspective in, Astrotheology & Shamanism. Well written with clear definitions, but if you think Jesus was a real person, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

John A. Rush, Ph.D.,
Sierra College, Department of Anthropology
Author, Failed God: Fractured Myth in a Fragile World

This is a mind-expanding book. It helps us share the perspective of a shaman (a seer or wise man) on the world and on the interplay of sun and stars…. Ideas put forward by John Marco Allegro about the origin of religion in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross in 1970 – which met universal condemnation – are here largely vindicated…. The dry philological approach in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross is here supported by a wider study of symbols, iconography and mythology and further work on word derivation.

Judith Anne Brown
Daughter of John Marco Allegro
Author, John Marco Allegro: The Maverick Of The Dead Sea Scrolls

Having studied many of the same sources listed in Astrotheology & Shamanism; we find the presentation of facts in this 2nd edition to be a refreshingly rational and logical viewpoint- which empowers the reader to observe many perspectives simultaneously. This book decrypts the minutiae and ideology of religion, in which we are all immersed between cradle and grave. It will open your mind to critical thinking and new choices; producing a brilliant ray of hope in an almost post-literate world.

– Richard Grove, 8th Estate Media & Research

What began at GeoCities as a way to categorize and catalog psychedelic articles and ideas, soon grew with the use of “web rings”. Before long, bluehoney.org became well known in forums and on websites like The Shroomery and other similar websites. Soon, Andrew’s research took on a life of its own and bluehoney.org was put on the back burner while he created GnosticMedia.com. Andrew then teamed up with Jan Irvin and bluehoney.org was pushed even further back as the two of them wrote a book and produced a film together. Gnostic Media was then left completely in the capable hands of Jan Irvin, allowing Andrew to focus on his solo projects (just to squash any internet rumors; Jan and Andrew remain colleagues and friends).  In 2008, Andrew acquired sponsorship from Bouncing Bear Botanicals to produce the film, Manifesting the Mind – Footprints of the Shaman. Today, Andrew is completely independent and focusing on bluehoney.org once again. This website is now his blog, as well as the platform for his entire body of work and his future projects.

This website will soon double in size; rather than attempting to grow this website on his own, Andrew has assembled a small team of researchers to assist him. Don’t miss the exciting changes in 2011! Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.


Andrew is actively producing a new documentary while simultaneously writing a book to accompany the film’s release. All methods of contacting him have been temporarily disabled.

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