Graham Hancock – Can Ayahuasca Cure the West?

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Published on Feb 13, 2013

Graham Hancock tells the story of his 24-year relationship with cannabis brought to an abrupt halt in 2011 after an encounter with ayahuasca, the sacred visionary brew of the Amazon. Along the way he explores the mystery of death, the problem of consciousness, and the implications for the human future of a society that wages total war on true cognitive liberty.

Graham Hancock is the author of The Sign and the Seal,Fingerprints of the Gods, Keeper of Genesis, Heaven’s Mirror,Supernatural and other bestselling investigations of historical mysteries.

His books have been translated into twenty-seven languages and have sold over five million copies worldwide. His public lectures and broadcasts, including two major TV series, Quest for the Lost Civilisation, and Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age, have further established his reputation as an unconventional thinker who raises controversial questions about humanity’s past. Hancock’s first venture into fiction, Entangled, was published in 2010 and his second novel, War God, on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, will be published in April 2013.



VIDEO – Breaking the Taboo – What will it take to end the war on drugs?

Coming Dec. 7, 2012

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this groundbreaking new documentary uncovers the UN sanctioned war on drugs, charting its origins and its devastating impact on countries like the USA, Colombia and Russia. Featuring prominent statesmen including Presidents Clinton and Carter, the film follows The Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo and expose the biggest failure of global policy in the last 50 years.


VIDEO – Joe Rogan & Alex Grey – JRE #274

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WeedMaps Media buys for $4.20 million

English: Leaf of Cannabis עברית: עלה של קנביס

by Michael del Castillo

Imagine if Yelp acquired Facebook, except for potheads. Well, that just happened.

General Cannabis, Inc., the current owner of, just paid $4.20 million for and the contents of the site, according to TechCrunch.

“By integrating with, we can monetize both properties more efficiently,” said Justin Hartfield, chief Web officer of WeedMaps. is currently a bulletin board forum for everything ranging from how not to get caught to “420 Dating,” and, according to a statement released by General Cannabis, it attracts 3.5 million page views per month, on average. Launched in 1995, the site now boasts 300,000 users., on the other hand, claims to offer a database of “legal”marijuana dispensaries. Per the release, the site receives 10 million page views per month and earns as much as $400,000 monthly, according to TechCrunch.

Doug Francis, president of General Cannabis, must have been thinking of the effects of the site’s namesake when he said, “Well-established, premium top-level-domains such as are easy to remember.” He said the site’s high ranking in Google searches will attract “thousands of visitors per day in type-in traffic alone.”

General Cannabis says the merger is scheduled to take place in early January 2012.

The company currently trades on the OTCQX market. They declined to comment for this article due to restrictions related to their pending S-1 filing with the SEC. The company reported consolidated gross revenues of $7,699,634 for 2010, up from $2,670,721 in 2009.

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