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(VIDEO) – Large Amanita muscaria

Amanita Artwork

Some cool art sent to me by an admirer of Astrotheology & Shamanism:

GIANT List of Interesting Documentaries – Giant List of Documentaries.

Please feel free to make this list interactive. Copy and paste a YouTube link into the comments section below.

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UPDATE: Many of these links are dead. I intend to correct this and keep this page current. 

I don’t take credit for making this amazing list, a fellow member of a forum that I frequent posted this today. Many of these are links to a Part 1 of many videos in a series. It should be easy to find links on your own to the remainder of those videos.


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(VIDEO) – Mike Crowley – Sacred Elixirs: Placebo vs Shamanism

A original video:

Mike Crowley discusses the connections between modern day placebo versions of “sacred elixirs” and their origins.

Mike Crowley is a Buddhist scholar. His research has uncovered links between the Amanita muscaria mushroom and Buddhism. In addition to speaking several languages (Sanskrit, Latin, French, German, Tibetan and Welsh.), Mike is a published author, software engineer, ethnomycologist, graphic artist, musician, composer, teacher and web designer. His article, “When the Gods Drank Urine” can be found at

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