Original Art by Andrew Rutajit

Original Art by Andrew Rutajit

Coming soon:

Hand painted abstract art by Andrew Rutajit

Available for purchase via Etsy (link will be here soon)

Our eyes can detect only a small range of the available spectrum of colors. Like music, color is a vibration with its own frequency. Just beyond the blue frequency is ultraviolet, which our eyes cannot normally detect. This is where Andrew works his magic. Andrew’s techniques with dynamic colors and high quality ultraviolet acrylics will engender a mind altering experience in any audience.

Watch as Andrew’s art comes alive with the addition of any ultraviolet fluorescent light (blacklight). The vibrant colors appear to leap off the canvas in every painting.


Back online!

bluehoney.org was down for a while but we’re back! Network Solutions accidentally sold the domain at auction. It took a little negotiating but everything got straightened out in the end.

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Podast at bluehoney.org – The Trip Report


Bluehoney.org is gearing up to broadcast our first podcast!


I’ve wanted to do something like this since I was inspired by Charles Hayes’ book, “Tripping” many years ago. I think a podcast on this website is the perfect platform.

We want YOU to be a part of this podcast! Send Andrew your synopsis and he will review it and respond via eMail or phone.  For more information, please visit the link to the podcast at the top of every page, or click HERE.

Why Easter is Celebrated on a Different Date Each Year

Easter is on a different day every year…it is important to understand why.

An epic battle is being fought in the heavens and in nature. There will be lots of new life and lots of thriving between now and the end of summer. During fall, things seem to die but come back to life in at the end of winter. This story has been told and retold as an epic battle for Ages. Any fair battle starts with a clean battle field. Each army (or professional fighter) stands across from the other and the battle field is as even as possible before the war begins. With pro fighters, everything is as equal as possible – their weight and qualifications nearly identical.

Equal is the key here.

The sun controls life on earth right down to the time of year life begins: Spring. This is when the struggle for survival begins…the battle has begun.

Easter is at the end of a countdown of celestial equality.

To arrive at Easter’s date:

First we wait for the Spring Equinox – This is when day and night are EQUAL.

Next, we watch for a full moon – This is when both the earth and moon have EQUAL light and dark.

Finally, we celebrate Easter on the following SUNday

The Easter celebration is the celebration of the beginning of the sun’s battle in the sky; a battle that affects every living thing on this planet. This is why Easter is celebrated on this day. Today is the day when the slate is cleared and the battle begins.

Happy Easter!

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