(VIDEO) – Must-Watch Documentaries

This is a list of 28 documentaries that I consider ‘must-watches’ for any documentary fan. Its a good place for anyone new to documentaries to start.
Click on the name of the documentary or the poster for the video and click on the description for a longer plot summary.

(VIDEO) – Terminal Ovarian Cancer – Psilocybin Therapy

Psilocybe mexicana - Jalisco, Mexico

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Ann is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. She is given a dose of psilocybin to curb her severe anxiety about death. Just one treatment at this Harbor-UCLA medical study was all she needed. She no longer fears the death process – Watch as this treatment quells anxiety and knocks down barriers in Ann’s personal relationships with her family.

From the film “The Medicine – Medical Research on Psychedelics.”

NOTE – We are all dying. This “treatment” should be available to everyone.

Wikileaks: GMO conspiracy reaches highest levels of US Government

Recent Wikileaks cables are typically associated with information leaks related to U.S. war strategy, and foreign policy, which has led some people to conclude that leaked information of this nature is a possible threat to national security.

But in this case, Wikileaks cables leaked information regarding global food policy as it relates to U.S. officials — in the highest levels of government — that involves a conspiracy with Monsanto to force the global sale and use of genetically-modified foods.

In 2007, then-U.S. ambassador to France Craig Stapleton conspired to retaliate against European countries for their anti-biotech policies. U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks reveal the Bush administration formulated battle plans to extract revenge against Europe for refusing to use genetically modified seeds.

In the leaked cable, Stapleton writes: “Europe is moving backwards not forwards on this issue with France playing a leading role, along with Austria, Italy and even the [European] Commission…Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voice.”

Ambassador Stapleton goes on to write: “Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory,” he wrote.

Author of Seeds of Deception Wikileaks: GMO conspiracy reaches highest levels of US Government

Jeffrey Smith, Author of Seeds of Deception

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(VIDEO) – Powerful Words (Kinetic Typography)

Bill Hicks – It’s just a ride:

Terence McKenna – Nobody is smarter than you are:

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(VIDEO) – History of tobacco industry’s lies and scams

A history of the tobacco industry’s lies and scams. From the US in 1953 to Africa today, the controversy between individual responsibility and corporate greed is portrayed in a lucid, undaunting manner. From scientific frauds to working with organized crime, tobacco companies show their hidden agenda more clearly than ever in this theatrically released documentary.

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