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New Discovery: Largest “Structure” in Space!

An international team of astronomers claims to have found the largest known structure in the universe.

Dr Roger Clowes, reader in astrophysics at the University of Central Lancashire and Professor Heather Couper, broadcaster, and a former president of the British Astronomical Association, explain.


WeedMaps Media buys for $4.20 million

English: Leaf of Cannabis עברית: עלה של קנביס

by Michael del Castillo

Imagine if Yelp acquired Facebook, except for potheads. Well, that just happened.

General Cannabis, Inc., the current owner of, just paid $4.20 million for and the contents of the site, according to TechCrunch.

“By integrating with, we can monetize both properties more efficiently,” said Justin Hartfield, chief Web officer of WeedMaps. is currently a bulletin board forum for everything ranging from how not to get caught to “420 Dating,” and, according to a statement released by General Cannabis, it attracts 3.5 million page views per month, on average. Launched in 1995, the site now boasts 300,000 users., on the other hand, claims to offer a database of “legal”marijuana dispensaries. Per the release, the site receives 10 million page views per month and earns as much as $400,000 monthly, according to TechCrunch.

Doug Francis, president of General Cannabis, must have been thinking of the effects of the site’s namesake when he said, “Well-established, premium top-level-domains such as are easy to remember.” He said the site’s high ranking in Google searches will attract “thousands of visitors per day in type-in traffic alone.”

General Cannabis says the merger is scheduled to take place in early January 2012.

The company currently trades on the OTCQX market. They declined to comment for this article due to restrictions related to their pending S-1 filing with the SEC. The company reported consolidated gross revenues of $7,699,634 for 2010, up from $2,670,721 in 2009.

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Magic Mushrooms Can Make Lasting Personality Changes, Study Says

Magic Mushrooms Can Make Lasting Personality Changes, Study Says

Elizabeth Lopatto, ©2011 Bloomberg News

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept. 29 (Bloomberg) — Psilocybin, or “magic mushrooms,” can make people more open in their feelings and aesthetic sensibilities, conferring on them a lasting personality change, according to a study by Johns Hopkins researchers.

People who had mystic experiences while taking the mushrooms were more likely to show increases in a personality trait dubbed “openness,” which is related to creativity, artistic appreciation and curiosity, according to the study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. The change was still in place a year later, suggesting a long-term effect.

“The remarkable piece is that psilocybin can facilitate experiences that change how people perceive themselves and their environment,” said Roland Griffiths, a study author and professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Johns Hopkins University of Medicine in Baltimore. “That’s unprecedented.”

Magic mushrooms, also known as “shrooms,” are hallucinogens native to tropical and subtropical regions of South America, Mexico and the U.S. The fungi were favored by former Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary, who founded the Harvard Psilocybin Project, and explored by ’60s writer and anthropologist Carlos Castaneda. They are typically eaten but can also be dried and smoked or made into a tea.

Openness is one of five major personality factors known to be constant throughout multiple cultures, heritable in families and largely unvarying throughout a person’s lifetime. The other four factors, extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness and conscientiousness, were unchanged by being dosed with the hallucinogenic mushrooms, the study found. This is the first finding of a short-term intervention providing a long-term personality change, researchers said.

Mystical Experiences

The 51 participants, who had an average age of 46, completed two to five eight-hour drug sessions at least three weeks apart. They were asked to lie down on a couch, use an eye mask and listen to music on headphones while focusing on an inner experience. Their personalities were screened initially, one to two months after each drug session and about a year after the last trip.

In the test, 30 people Read more of this post

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