(VIDEO) – Dashboard camera catches tsunami as it hits the car

Raw, actual footage from a dashboard camera driving along beach road as the tsunami hit. Can see the wave hitting the windshield and car being carried away in the wave.

I’ve been closely following the news of the troubles in Japan. I thought this video was pretty incredible and felt like sharing it. For those of you on Twitter, if you would like updates from Japan long before it hits any of the news stations, follow W7VOA on twitter. This is Steve Herman – http://twitter.com/w7voa:

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(VIDEO) – Girl Trolls Everyone – Thanks God For The Japan Earthquake

This was an interesting experiment in human behavior. She as joking all along and that fact will add some more fascinating aspects to the whole thing. Christians were so quick to tell her to kill herself, die, go to hell, etc. Death threats were made, her home address and phone number were posted online…all for something she said. I love watching Christians show their true colors.

She took her YouTube channel down but here is the original video:

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