Footnotes1: Joe Rogan & Dave Asprey

Footnotes1: Joe Rogan & Dave Asprey

How to live at your optimum potential by excluding toxic foods from your diet.

I’ve decided to make a footnotes video for any podcast I hear that I find extremely important (and a little overwhelming). This is the podcast that prompted me to do this. Special thanks to everyone on The Rogan Board for the additional data.

Be sure to scroll down to find more information about topics discussed in this video, including links to everything shown in the Footnotes video.

Original file: JRE #275 – Dave Asprey, Brian Redban on Ustream

Neither nor the editor of this Footnotes episode are associated with Joe Rogan or Dave Asprey.

Part 1

Part 2

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VIDEO – Joe Rogan & Alex Grey – JRE #274

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Podast at – The Trip Report

COMING SOON!! is gearing up to broadcast our first podcast!


I’ve wanted to do something like this since I was inspired by Charles Hayes’ book, “Tripping” many years ago. I think a podcast on this website is the perfect platform.

We want YOU to be a part of this podcast! Send Andrew your synopsis and he will review it and respond via eMail or phone.  For more information, please visit the link to the podcast at the top of every page, or click HERE.

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