Back online! was down for a while but we’re back! Network Solutions accidentally sold the domain at auction. It took a little negotiating but everything got straightened out in the end.


Website Changes

We will soon be making some aesthetic changes to Please stay tuned while we make the website a little sharper and a little easier to navigate though. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments area below the text HERE:

How you can help grow.

The above image are statistics from one day back in August, 2010.

I use StumbleUpon – my personal account is HERE and I use it every day. If you notice, 14000 visitors came to on this day via StumbleUpon.

So, how can you help?

  • Get an account at HERE and find a couple articles or pages withing to “thumbs up.”
  • Share articles from this website with your online friends in social networking sites and forums.
  • Add me as a friend on StumbleUpon and send me cool and interesting links and articles.
  • Use Reddit or any other way to show your approval of articles within
  • Re-Tweet our links to your friends on Twitter.


New Website Layout

Ok…I like WordPress. I think I’ll keep this website like this for a while.

If you are seeing this message and the URL is still, do not bookmark the website yet. Everything will still be at very soon.

I love your comments, please let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for your patience; as you know, blue honey is a large website and this transfer will take at least a week.

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